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Personalized handmade rustic wooden charcuterie board with cast iron handles and custom personalized engraving.

These wooden charcuterie boards are cut from apple wood, walnut, and ash. Each piece is carefully selected for its grain and shape and is hand sanded, sealed with beeswax and rubbed with food grade walnut oil. The wood grain, size, and shape are different for each board, but will be similar to the example images. These charcuterie boards are large and durable and they include rubber feet to prevent sliding. The rustic cast iron handles come in raw/natural (pictured in the example images) and black. Note that raw cast iron will rust with age unless properly cared for. If you have a preference, please leave a note during checkout.

Each piece includes a personalized laser engraving. The customized engraving adds a personal touch making these pieces great gifts, especially for wedding and housewarming gifts. They make great center pieces and brighten up the decor of any kitchen. **Please note that there may be a cost difference for larger than usual engravings**

These boards are meant to be used and displayed and they are easily maintained by washing with warm water and mild soap, and periodically rubbing food grade oil into the surface. Knots are filled with food grade beeswax. Maintaining appropriate temperature and humidity levels where you store your board also helps prevent spiting and warping. 

These charcuterie boards can be custom made between two and four feet- custom sizes may available upon request (note that, while the length may be adjusted, the maximum width is 12.5" and due to the variability in the wood available, specific widths may not be requested at this time).