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Custom Order for Angela R.


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Each book is handcrafted to order from wood that has been carefully and artistically stained using a layering technique to give it a unique rustic chic look with character and depth. The spine of these books is formed from top grain cowhide leather and is rubbed with mink oil to bring out its distinct leathery aroma. Spines are made to a precise size to fit the exact number of pages giving these pieces a tight custom-made feel – This does, however, mean that pages cannot be added or removed later on. Your personalized monogram can be laser engraved into your book to make your unique piece your own and to add a personal touch that will be cherished.

These books are made to last! Each book is carefully constructed with the highest quality materials to ensure durability while maintaining its unique character and beautiful rustic chic look. These books are made to be displayed for a lifetime and they make wonderful unique, personal, sentimental, long lasting gifts. Their quality and personal touch make these books perfect for wedding photo albums, guest books, wood anniversary albums, family chronicles, family heirlooms, memorial books, artist portfolios and baby scrapbooks.

Each book comes with your choice of cardstock, recycled cardstock, double thick cardstock, torn edge pages, alternating cardstock and clear/transparent pages, scrapbook album pages, professional scrapbook album pages, or professional slotted album pages. See photos and detailed description below.


This custom portrait book is sized to fit 15X20” Pages. Thickness will vary with number of pages selected.

Custom size books are currently not available.

Current book sizes available are:
8.5X11” Portrait
12X12” Square with a portrait look
11X8.5” Landscape
11X17” Large panorama

Page Options

All pages are archival quality, acid free and photo safe. Photo-safe permanent glue dots are recommended for adhering photos and media to page options with a cardstock backing.

Premium heavyweight cardstock that will not degrade your photos, writing, or artwork over time. This is a good option for a guest book, journal, or sketchbook. Also available in black by request.
To select this option, choose “Cardstock” in the page options drop-down menu.

100% Recycled environmentally friendly cardstock. This premium off-white cardstock is made using no new trees and is 100% post consumer fiber. This stock has a neutral pH, it i