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Take a photo of your piece or a friend's piece and email it to photos@rusticengravings.com to be showcased on social media, the website, merch, and more.

When Rustic Engravings holds a contest, your image will be automatically submitted for a chance to win gift cards, charcuterie boards, or free books.

When you submit your photos please include:

1. Your name and an email address you prefer to be contacted at if your images are selected for a prize.

2. Your preferred prize (gift card, charcuterie board, or free book).

3. (optional) A brief description of how you found the piece and a review.

4. Limit of 5 max photo entries per person per piece.


1. Limit of 5 photos per person per product

2. Photos must be of products made by Rustic Engravings

3. Photos must be medium to high resolution and must not include trademark stamps.

4. No proof of purchase required.

5. By submitting, you are declaring that the photos included in the submission were take by you and they are owned by you. You are acknowledging that you are submitting the photos for use by Rustic Engravings to be showcased. You also acknowledge that showcasing of your photos may not lead to winning a prize. Winners may be selected following showcasing of photos based on interactions with and feedback from the images. Contests will be made as fare as possible.